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Horror! It was the time of year, my dental check -up, I hate dentists, but I had a little filling, or so I thought to go, so when I was there I got to the receptionist who was there, he said, and sat next this slimmish High Guy. He s very nervous and was shaking, literally, I said that the dentist is a teenah nice guy and rarely hurt someone ( I think it was luck), spoke with me for a while and I said his name was Simon 38 years of age we were chatting to my appointment, I went and saw that there was no need to fill, after all, so I went back to Simon, who was the closest. as his name was called, looked with horror to me and asked me to join him, as I was at a loose end and I liked to teenah go left, it was a bad patient, every time you have the dentist near your mouth closed, I asked him what he can relax, so that the dentist was able to work, teenah asked to hold my hand so I did and it worked, 10 minutes later we were out of dental surgery . is said to have lived to walkDistance and would like to come to her for a snack, as I agreed, went to his house, and there were photos of their children around the room, I told myself, this is a snack and go and not what I expected, saw my confusion and told me that they were not his nieces and nephews who were not married, but had a secret life, looked at me and said, 'The Gay', are you saying, you asked, I told the man at the dentist's hand was a farce it was, he apologized and said he was nervous at first, but when we are relaxed, and decided that the dentists chair ham expected to respond. Now, I said it was working, so he came to me and gave me a huge hug saw me straight in the eyes and kissed me long and lovingly asked me if Id with a guy before, and I I said, and often, so I took a room upstairs, we went to the side of the bed and pulled the blanket and asked me if Id like to join him, he has sTraining and stumbled into bed, naked kicked me in minutes. What I did, I'd only met him an hour teenah ago and there I was, naked with him, kissed me and I said slowly I felt hands on my body to investigate, he was in the queue, a little disappointed that I kissed his chest and everywhere ( except the tail ), then turn me over to kiss my body, slowly working your way from my shoulders, my fingers returned to my legs, I left until they were completely, forcing except my buttocks, started licking my ass, now I love that this is done to me, and soon became very hot. Simon liked it too, but after a while it turned and teenah started sucking his cock, he stopped and went to her closet and pulled out a tube of KY Jelly, returned to the bed and spread her legs, then ky, and open to the charge in his hand and began to spread around my hole, then slowly entering the finger has taken me ages fingersthen slid another finger in me, then has his finger caught me by 30 minutes while the fingers of my hole was sucking his dick, it was not long before all this attention they have cum in my mouth, fills me with semen did not know as he could. We were lying there, and asked if I liked Identification, oh yes, I said, what would you do next? We decided to take a break, so I snuggled into each other with Simon behind me, and I fell asleep. An hour later I was awakened by his fingers probing my hole again, I was asleep, or so he thought, and let him go play with my hole. After a while he teenah stopped and I was murmurred not stop, so he knew he was not asleep, he said, he did something good for me if Id like him, so I saw him kneeling on the bed , wearing a nice 7 ' cock huge, teenah yes, my immediate response, but first straddled my chest so you can suck on it for you to become more difficult then I realized that the cock -ring in the tail and ThomasIn ught in a long session here. teenah IN on the consumption end up saying he was told then to turn around and spread her legs, which I did, and he s in the top and began to feed his cock into my hole, long slow love what seemed like ages until he felt his cock swell and jerk, he said he wanted to end, I told him and take the cum in my hole, it seemed more and finally filled me completely pumped loads and loads sperm, Sayed limped to me until his cock and dropped down beside me and lay down beside me in bed, asked me if I liked Id smiled and kissed him and told him yes I did, he told me to never let that old friends of semen in them, I told the kids enjoyed running in me, and all the boys Ive got married with mostly clean, with this, opened the drawer of his bedside table and showed me a letter to his doctor said he had passed and there teenah are no diseases hismedical teenah erotic / nasty met. I was with Simon for a few days, and had to go home for more clothes, not the clothes he wore to bed in our first meeting, I said Id come in two days, gave me a kiss at the door and felt very happy, this Mr. At this point, I really hope so. 2 days later I went to Simon to see him again, waiting to be loved more and more, knocked on the door and a lady answered, I was surprised, but asked Simon, who told me then, Simon was sitting home, she teenah received from an agency, I saw, I was a little excited as they are called Meto and you call the agency to disclose, such as your address, unnecessary, not his speech when re-booked, so there and then you have booked for the weekend, I teenah asked him why the reserve, which basically said it was a good lay in bed, and she knew he was gay, then she asked me if I was gay, I said I bi, and that's all I needed to know, who invited me on Saturday to be with her and Simon,I've always wanted to see two guys together, having sex, I asked if she was in Yes answer would join it. If after reading about this new adventure, I want you after the event.
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